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Militia List 1809

Farr Militia List, December 1809
Transcribed by Malcolm Bangor-Jones
Adapted for this page by C Stokes, published here with his permission

Place names are spelled as on original document.

All Mc and Mac names are shown as Mac

This Militia List is certified to be a 'true and correct list of all the males, between the ages of 18 and 45 and liable to be balloted, residing in the Parish of Farr'.

The Parish also contained 119 men who were exempt.  

Surnames are shown alphabetically and below the surname is shown Christian name, occupation and residence.

Alexander, tailor, Daltinn
James, farmer, Gnubmore
William, farmer, Armidale

James, farmer, Syre
William, farmer, Syre

Alexander, labourer, Naver
John, labourer, Naver
Neil, labourer, Naver

Gilbert, shepherd, Achness

Adam, farmer, Skelpig
Mr. William, Gnubeg

Donald, farmer, Daltinn

James, labourer, Garve
Murdoch, labourer, Garve

Donald, weaver, Rossal
George, labourer, Kirstimy
George, piper, Kirstimy
William, farmer, Daltinn
William, farmer, Syre

Mr Adam, Gnubeg
Adam, farmer, Ravigill
Alexander, farmer, Dalharal
Alexander, tailor, Farr
Alexander, Gnubmore
Alexander, farmer, Rossal
Alexander, shoemaker, Tuderscag
Andrew, farmer, Dalharal
Angus, farmer, Achanlochy
Angus, servant, Dinachary
Angus, farmer, Kinkyle
Angus, farmer, Oltnaharve
Angus, farmer, Rossal
Angus, farmer, Syre
Donald, shepherd, Achness
Donald, farmer, Kidsary
Donald, labourer, Kirstimy
Donald, labourer, Syre
Donald, farmer, Tuderscag
Duncan, Irish farmer, Carnachy
George, farmer, Brarathy
George, shepherd, Clibrig
George, farmer, Rhichork
(Oag) George, farmer, Kirstimy
Hector, farmer, Achurah
Hugh, Irish farmer, Brayolthair
Hugh, farmer, Gnubeg
Hugh, labourer, Gnubmore
Hugh, farmer, Ravigill (Bain)
Hugh, labourer, Armidale (McAlister)
Hugh, Strathy
James, labourer, Acople
James, labourer, Gnubmore
John, farmer, Achfriess
John, farmer, Balligle
John, Irish farmer, Carnachy
John, farmer, Inslandy (Inslanely?)
John, labourer, Kirstimy
John, Irish farmer, Langdale
John, farmer, Ravigill
John, farmer, Rhifail
John, farmer, Rossal
John, farmer, Skail
John, labourer, Strathy
John, labourer, Armidale
John, farmer, Rhifail
Murdoch, labourer, Dalharal
Murdoch, labourer, Gnubmore
Murdoch, labourer, Kirstimy
Neil, labourer, Farr
Neil, labourer, Syre
Robert, shoemaker, Kinkyle
Robert, labourer, Syre
Robert, weaver, Tuderscag
Thomas, labourer, Newland
William, farmer, Achnaburin
William, farmer, Dinachary
William, labourer, Gnubmore
William, labourer, Kinkyle
William, farmer, Rhichork
William, labourer, Rhiloisk
William, gentleman, Skail
William, labourer, Skail
William, farmer, Syre
William, servant, Tubeg
William, tailor, Tuderscag
William, servant, Dinachary

Evander, labourer, Rossal
George, labourer, Rhifail
George, labourer, Rossal
James, labourer, Achargry
John, farmer, Tuderscag
Robert, labourer, Rhifail
William, Brarathy

Hugh, Strathy – used name Hugh Macrob, Macrog

James, labourer, Rossal
Murdoch, labourer, Gnubmore

Donald, shepherd, Achness

John, labourer, Dalcharn

John, labourer, Dalnadrot
John, labourer, Gnubeg
John, salmon fisher, Naver
William, shepherd, Clibrig

William, shepherd, Clibrig

William, shepherd, Coirr

James, shepherd, Armidale
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